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Black Magic

Black Magic

The use of supernatural powers or magic for evil and selfish purposes. The influence of popular culture has allowed other practices to be drawn in under the broad banner of Black Magic.

Black Magic
Black Magic

The enemy of you performs on your Black Magic.Black Magic The believer of Black magic is putting it in the heart, there is no power in the world in hereafter Black Magic. The one who can bury them, and make them stand in the chant of justice. The Lord will take both the creator and the creator of the Holy One Black Magic. It does not hurt others, but also laugh the houses are destroyed by ruins. The Black Magic is an unlawful activity. Black Magic more and more famous day by day. Islam is the most ancient and traditional religion of the world. It is trust of millions of people and gives you confirmation result to achieve your aim. When you are feeling someone perform on you Black magic. There are many symptoms of Black Magic but commonly are as following:

Black Magic

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Symptoms of Black Magic

If you see a dream of shit, urine or eating meat, or shit on your body,
A headache
Complete body pain
Increased sex desire
To be a pain in back and kidney
Bad smell farts
In the body feeling fire
A feeling of hot body and hot air from nose and mouth
Eyes burn and red
Feel urine and shit again and again
High heart beating
Pain in chest and with difficulty breathing
Not good feel about anything
The face is going dark
Face become horrible
Heart afraid
All things available still not happy
Fell hanger again and again even after 1 hour of eating.
Bad dreams, snakes, dogs in the dream
Heart have strange fear, which is not explainable
Feeling laziness
A mind does not work properly, put and thing and forget that where you put it, memory loss
Always feel tiredness, without working
While listing or reading Quran feel pain in the body
Feel hand or feet dead
Feel a weight on shoulders, or body

How to do istikhara in urdu

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